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Every day is an opportunity for continued growth, wellbeing and meaningful experience


Each crease on your face tells a story of rich experience that goes with a life well lived. Knox Home gives you the opportunity for that story to well and truly continue – because aging is less about decline and more about continuing to grow.

At our place there’s a little more understanding and care. There’s more companionship and joy. There are more new opportunities and worthwhile experiences to enjoy. Knox allows you to share in our busy community and simply relish more living.


And, Knox residents know they can rely on our committed team of doctors, nurses, care partners, physios, OTs and lifestyle and leisure team.

Welcome to your place.

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Good care for the good life
Summary of 80 resident's surveys

We are a little alternative

Knox is a care home and hospital in Epsom, Auckland for elders and younger adults who live with physical disability.

As a Charitable Trust with over 100 years of service to the Auckland community, Knox has never forgotten that our service to the community is about people.

In 2009 we adopted the Eden Alternative, a philosophy of care dedicated to placing elders at the centre of all we do. Eden Alternative principles uniquely guide us to transform the lives of our residents and team.

Every day is a gift. Our mission is to make sure we add more to the fulfillment and enjoyment of every single one.

"My everyday care requires a huge amount of trust."

So does jumping out of a plane.

Claire has a wheelchair to get around, but that hasn’t stopped her ticking one more thing off her to-do list. Back in the 1980s Claire enjoyed solo skydiving and she had been reminiscing about it with residents and staff. A challenge from a counselling service to participate in their ‘Jump for Courage’ fundraiser saw Claire jump at the opportunity. She raised $1200 in pledges for the charity and thoroughly enjoyed the day with family, friends, residents and staff supporting and cheering her on.




Guidelines for visitors


Dear Families

From 15 August 2023 the requirement to wear a mask in health care facilities was lifted.

Knox welcomes this move but do ask that visitors with any ‘flu like symptoms do not visit Knox.


We will require any of our team with COVID-19 to remain home for 5 days or until well and ask the same of families of Knox residents testing positive to COVID-19. In the event of a resident testing positive, we will ask visitors and team to wear masks in that Home.


The following remain in effect: 


1. Visitors Must Sign-In

We are required to maintain a visitor register as it is a Health and Safety requirement and these will be in the homes for Puriri, Kawakawa and Harakeke. All other homes signing in is at Reception. Please also supply vehicle registration numbers as we continue to have problems with vehicles blocking access by emergency vehicles and others and if cannot identify owners these may be towed.


2. Visiting

We do have visiting hours and adherence to these hours provides a “quiet period” in the middle of the day to enable a calm and restful environment as requested by residents.


Visiting Times

  • 10am – 11:30am

  • 2pm – 8pm


We urge visitors to observe these times as we are all committed to honouring the request made by residents for a quiet period in the middle of the day. In exceptional circumstances visiting outside these times may be accommodated with prior agreement of Chislon Gabriola – Care Leader: email Chislon

Residents have also requested that to enable a quiet and undisturbed dining experience there be no visitors in the dining room at meal-times.

Therefore if you are visiting at dinner time, this visit is to be in your family member’s room, or some other spot at Knox not the dining room.


3. Physiotherapy

We also ask that there are no visitors to the Physiotherapy Gym. If you wish to discuss specific matters relating to your family member with a Physiotherapist, they will be happy to chat on the phone.

Best wishes and many thanks for your continued support


Jill Woodward

Chief Executive Officer


Making time with Dezley


We met Dezley recently when Jill was at NZME voicing the latest Knox radio commercial. She was excited to meet Jill and to express her love of time spent volunteering at Knox. We just had to introduce Dezley to those who don't know her already. She's a real treat and what a fantastic desk of memorabilia!


Tell us a little bit about yourself...


I'm a mum of two girls, Caitlin, 26 and Amelia, 20.

I have a Japanese Spitz called Yoshi (which in Japanese means "proud son")

I'm also mum to two Munchin cats, Lois (because she is "low") and Mr Perkins.

I work as a Creative Writer at New Zealand Media and Entertainment, writing radio commercials.

I voice some too!  

I love my job. Every day is different and I get to meet lots of interesting people – sometimes famous ones!

How long have you been volunteering at Knox?

I've been a volunteer at Elizabeth Knox for two years.

I come every Saturday from 10 till 3.

In the two years I've been a volunteer, 
I've only missed two Saturdays! Both because of Covid.

I LOVE it!

What volunteer activities do you mostly engage in?

I hang out with my dear friends at Kawakawa Home and I'm as happy to see them every week as they are to see me.

I set the tables for lunch, hand out meals, do dishes and then spend the rest of the afternoon catching up with the residents. We go for walks, do jigsaws; they love having their nails painted (the men not so much); we play music, have sing-a-longs and enjoy each other's company.

It's the highlight of my week – it really is!


What inspires you to be a Knox volunteer?

I have a genuine love for the elderly.

Volunteering at Elizabeth Knox gives me a sense of purpose. I find fulfilment in helping others and making a difference in people's lives. Volunteering gives me an opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of the residents who really benefit from the companionship. 

I love listening to their stories. From them I gain such valuable insights into life.

Volunteering at Elizabeth Knox allows me to celebrate and honour the lives of our elderly. It also helps me develop my skills in patience, empathy, communication and "active" listening.

For me, it's about making a positive impact. It's about being there!

Dezley, we can't thank you enough for your incredible commitment to volunteering. You really do make a difference to the lives of Kawakawa residents and team members.


Knox Family Favourites Cookbook the perfect gift


We published the first Knox cookbook ready for Christmas but it's a great gift idea all year.

The Knox Family Favourites Cookbook is a celebration of the food and traditions we have all grown up with. Cooking and gardening are important traditions at Knox and are a great way of building companionship, friendships, teamwork and joy.


Knox Residents and their families have been generous in sharing their recipes and culinary skills for this collection of family favourites made from seasonal, cost effective ingredients.


Any profits from the sale of the Knox Family Favourites Cookbook will be directed to Lifestyle and Leisure activities for Knox Home residents.


These are available from Reception at $25 each.

Happy cooking … and sampling!


Mighty Totara Home making great progress for June completion


Knox is looking forward to opening the
new 64-bed, two-level Totara Home
currently under construction in July
this year.

The new Totara Home represents
the biggest single addition to our
accommodations since Elizabeth Knox
Home & Hospital moved here from our
former St Johns site in 1974. It will take
total resident numbers to around 280.
The Nikau Home opened in 2014, was
62 beds.

We're looking forward to the latest
innovations in aged care space and the
added capacity this home will provide.

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