and loving it

Every day is an opportunity for continued growth, wellbeing and meaningful experience


Each crease on your face tells a story of rich experience that goes with a life well lived. Knox Home gives you the opportunity for that story to well and truly continue – because aging is less about decline and more about continuing to grow.

At our place there’s a little more understanding and care. There’s more companionship and joy. There are more new opportunities and worthwhile experiences to enjoy. Knox allows you to share in our busy community and simply relish more living.

Welcome to your place.

We are a little alternative

Knox is a care home and hospital in Epsom, Auckland for elders and younger adults who live with physical disability.

As a Charitable Trust with over 100 years of service to the Auckland community, Knox has never forgotten that our service to the community is about people.

In 2009 we adopted the Eden Alternative, a philosophy of care dedicated to placing elders at the centre of all we do. Eden Alternative principles uniquely guide us to transform the lives of our residents and team.

Every day is a gift. Our mission is to make sure we add more to the fulfillment and enjoyment of every single one.


Your health condition needn't define your life


Discover our Care Studios, where focused, supportive health care, comfortable surroundings and new opportunities are yours.

Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital
新近落成更多养老设施(Puriri Home)并将于6月开放, 以独特的Eden Alternative 理念为更多长者提供服务。
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Good care for the good life
Summary of 80 residents surveys

"My everyday care requires a huge amount of trust."

So does jumping out of a plane.

Claire has a wheelchair to get around, but that hasn’t stopped her ticking one more thing off her to-do list. Back in the 1980s Claire enjoyed solo skydiving and she had been reminiscing about it with residents and staff. A challenge from a counselling service to participate in their ‘Jump for Courage’ fundraiser saw Claire jump at the opportunity. She raised $1200 in pledges for the charity and thoroughly enjoyed the day with family, friends, residents and staff supporting and cheering her on.




Visiting Knox Home


Visiting times from
Friday 12 March are:


10am – 11:30am

2pm – 8pm


We require you to scan the QR code, temperature check and wear a mask when visiting indoors (not required outdoors).


Knox continues to be “visitor-free” between 11:30 – 2pm as this enables lunch and a quiet time for rest.


Please visit in your family member’s room if you are visiting at dinner time as dining rooms remain “visitor-free” during meals.


It is essential you do not visit Knox if you are unwell or have any symptoms of illness.

Any residents developing respiratory symptoms (similar to cold / flu) will be immediately isolated in their room and swabbed for COVID-19. The same level of isolation at home applies to staff developing ‘flu like symptoms. Daily screening of residents and staff is underway.


I wish to thank you once again for your collective efforts to reduce the possibility of spread of COVID-19. Our effective management of potential risks of spread will require that we all remain highly vigilant and I will keep in touch regarding any changes to the current arrangements.  


Please note that the primary source of communication about changing alert levels and visitor restrictions at Knox will be this website.


Warm regards

Jill Woodward



Knox wins Best of the Best Employers Westpac Award


Knox Home & Hospital has won the Employer of the Year Award at the Westpac Auckland Business Awards. Winning the Central region Award late last year, this Best of the Best award was decided from Auckland's regional winners.

The award evening held on Friday 16 April was a great spectacle of Auckland business leaders and a wonderful surprise for the Knox team. What a thrill and very encouraging to have our employer performance reviewed and acknowledged.


Report shows high quality of care amongst Australasian peers


Knox Home & Hospital has been collecting clinical quality indicator data for over 10 years now. Figures are reported each month, often comparing results with the previous month or the previous year. This report aggregates data to provide a view of the trends over the past decade. It includes data about Falls with Injury, Pressure Injuries, Infections and Medication Errors.


You may be interested in our Good Care for the Good Life information which is a summary of 80 residents surveys. Click here to read.

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New Puka Home construction underway


We’ve been planning the new Totara Home building for the past several years. The new 64-bed Totara Home will replace the current Totara and Puka Homes and part of Rimu Home on the same site as part of our continuing improvement of resident homes.

But before we can get underway, we need to provide resident accommodation to enable demolition of these existing homes. Most residents from the affected rooms will be moved to a brand new 37-bed Puka Home being constructed on our new land that borders the existing main carpark extending to Griffin Avenue.

Construction on the single-level Puka building has commenced with site works and drainage well underway. We are expecting to see much more activity by the end of April when the prefabricated buildings are delivered.

It will take some months to complete the complex fitouts, so we are anticipating moving residents in October. Here’s hoping supply lines remain robust enough to achieve this.

We’re really looking forward to these new developments and the improvements they will bring to the lives of residents and our team. We know there will be some level of disruption but highly appreciate the support and cooperation of residents and families.

To read and see more about the new Puka and Totara Homes, click here.