and loving it

Vaccinated visitors welcome inside Knox

Every day is an opportunity for continued growth, wellbeing and meaningful experience


Each crease on your face tells a story of rich experience that goes with a life well lived. Knox Home gives you the opportunity for that story to well and truly continue – because aging is less about decline and more about continuing to grow.

At our place there’s a little more understanding and care. There’s more companionship and joy. There are more new opportunities and worthwhile experiences to enjoy. Knox allows you to share in our busy community and simply relish more living.

Welcome to your place.

We are a little alternative

Knox is a care home and hospital in Epsom, Auckland for elders and younger adults who live with physical disability.

As a Charitable Trust with over 100 years of service to the Auckland community, Knox has never forgotten that our service to the community is about people.

In 2009 we adopted the Eden Alternative, a philosophy of care dedicated to placing elders at the centre of all we do. Eden Alternative principles uniquely guide us to transform the lives of our residents and team.

Every day is a gift. Our mission is to make sure we add more to the fulfillment and enjoyment of every single one.


Your health condition needn't define your life


Discover our Care Studios, where focused, supportive health care, comfortable surroundings and new opportunities are yours.


Good care for the good life
Summary of 80 residents surveys


"My everyday care requires a huge amount of trust."

So does jumping out of a plane.

Claire has a wheelchair to get around, but that hasn’t stopped her ticking one more thing off her to-do list. Back in the 1980s Claire enjoyed solo skydiving and she had been reminiscing about it with residents and staff. A challenge from a counselling service to participate in their ‘Jump for Courage’ fundraiser saw Claire jump at the opportunity. She raised $1200 in pledges for the charity and thoroughly enjoyed the day with family, friends, residents and staff supporting and cheering her on.




Changes to Visiting under Red setting


24 January 2022


Dear Families


Last night all of New Zealand moved to Red under the COVID-19 traffic light system.


The visiting hours for Knox are:

10am - 11:30am

2pm - 8pm 

Please adhere to these hours and we ask that you keep visits short to limit visitor numbers to avoid crowding.


  • Everyone entering Knox is required to scan the QR code at the time of every visit. If you do not then you are required to sign-in. Please also present your Vaccination Pass at every visit.

  • Your temperature is to be checked at the thermal imaging terminal and further screening may be required.

  • Visitors are required to wear a mask at all times, we ask that you do not eat and drink while visiting at Knox as this leads to mask removal.

  • Maintain 2m distancing.

  • Visits are to be in the residents’ room or outdoors only not in the indoors communal spaces and please avoid mixing with other residents.

  • As the afternoon visiting hours include a meal-time we ask you do not visit residents in dining rooms during the evening meal (5-6pm). This expectation has been a resident-driven change as residents have asked that they have quiet when dining together. The presence of visitors in dining rooms during meals is unsettling for many and does disrupt resident’s enjoyment of their meals.

  • We ask that you minimise in-person staff interactions. All family meetings will be held via Zoom or telephone. The Physiotherapy gym is closed to ALL visitors. If you wish to speak to a member of this team please phone them.

  • Visitors must stay at home if they are at all unwell, under investigation of COVID-19 or a close contact of someone who is a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case.

  • Maintain fastidious hand hygiene.


We ask that you continue with all general infection control measures such as mask wearing and hand washing to avoid the spread of infection.


  • We ask also that unvaccinated family / friends and children only visit outdoors well away from the buildings and wear masks the whole visit.

  • We ask all unvaccinated residents and family to reconsider their decision for the sake of other residents, staff and their children who are too young for vaccination.


We will regularly review our visiting protocols and changes will be updated on this website. The next days and weeks will determine whether Knox remains open to visitors.

Warm regards
Jill Woodward


Guidelines for Resident Outings


  • Unvaccinated residents must not go on any outings or home visits and unvaccinated residents must not visit the homes of unvaccinated family members.

  • If you wish to take your vaccinated family member/friend on an outing for the day please do so, observing all necessary precautions and making wise choices about venues and activities.

  • We ask that residents only visit venues with vaccination certification requirements, private dwellings or outside areas.

  • Please let the Care Team know your plans and expected time of departure and return to Knox.

  • You are welcome to use the Knox grounds for small family get-togethers or picnics. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in our beautiful grounds.

Lottie's story comes to life in print


Knox resident Charlotte (Lottie) Peirse has written and published her memoir "Here Goes...My Life".

Early in December Lottie took delivery of her printed books and held a signing with friends, along with a glass of bubbles.

Writing about our lives is something we all should do, but not many of us ever get around to actually doing it. We're so proud of your achievement Lottie!


New Puka Homes are open


Puka is finally finished and on Monday 13 December a dawn blessing was held for Kawakawa and Harakeke Homes. Due to current restrictions of numbers the opening ceremony was small and included residents, Board and team.

Residents and family had been visiting the new homes and we had a two-day operation to move all the residents of Totara and Puka either to the new homes or to other rooms at Knox.  

Thank you to the Belvedere Construction team for pulling out all stops to ensure the Homes were completed pre-Christmas. Everyone involved with the project has shown real commitment to ensure that lost time could in part be made up and after so many years of redevelopment we can say we have the “A Team” supporting what we do. Some work such as landscaping will continue in the New Year.