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Every day is an opportunity for continued growth, wellbeing and meaningful experience


Each crease on your face tells a story of rich experience that goes with a life well lived. Knox Home gives you the opportunity for that story to well and truly continue – because aging is less about decline and more about continuing to grow.

At our place there’s a little more understanding and care. There’s more companionship and joy. There are more new opportunities and worthwhile experiences to enjoy. Knox allows you to share in our busy community and simply relish more living.

Welcome to your place.


Your health condition needn't define your life

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Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital
新近落成更多养老设施(Puriri Home)并将于6月开放,
以独特的Eden Alternative 理念为更多长者提供服务。
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We are a little alternative

Knox is a care home and hospital in Epsom, Auckland for elders and younger adults who live with physical disability.

As a Charitable Trust with over 100 years of service to the Auckland community, Knox has never forgotten that our service to the community is about people.

In 2009 we adopted the Eden Alternative, a philosophy of care dedicated to placing elders at the centre of all we do. Eden Alternative principles uniquely guide us to transform the lives of our residents and team.

Every day is a gift. Our mission is to make sure we add more to the fulfillment and enjoyment of every single one.

Water pipeline project impacts Ranfurly Rd access


Watercare is completing the Hunua 4 pipeline section from Campbell Road to Khyber Pass from now until 2020.


All visitors need to be aware of reduced access and parking opportunities in and around Knox. There is currently no access to Ranfurly Road from Manukau Road. The only access is from Market Road.


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"My everyday care requires a huge amount of trust."

So does jumping out of a plane.

Claire has a wheelchair to get around, but that hasn’t stopped her ticking one more thing off her to-do list. Back in the 1980s Claire enjoyed solo skydiving and she had been reminiscing about it with residents and staff. A challenge from a counselling service to participate in their ‘Jump for Courage’ fundraiser saw Claire jump at the opportunity. She raised $1200 in pledges for the charity and thoroughly enjoyed the day with family, friends, residents and staff supporting and cheering her on.



Knox open to visitors Thursday 14 May

LEVEL 2: Covid-19 Response

Visiting Restrictions at Elizabeth Knox Home & Hospital


We continue to maintain our strong commitment to keeping residents safe from the Covid-19 virus in our home so there will be restrictions.


During Alert Level 2 family/friends will be able to visit residents in two ways:


1: Distance Visiting from outside the building as has been happening during Alert Levels 3 and 4. (see below)


2: In-Room Visiting that will be tightly and closely managed as follows:



10:00 – 11:00am  OR  3:00 – 4:00pm

No visiting is permitted at other times.

• One person per resident per day may visit in the resident’s room for a maximum of 30 minutes within the allocated visiting times (above).


• There is to be no ‘in-room’ visiting by children under 12 years of age.


• It is recommended that visitors wear a mask during the visit. Please bring your own mask with you.


• Visitors must use contactless “Check-in” and “Check-out” technology. (Check-In 19, available free and relatively easy to use. Visit http://checkin-19.com.


We need all visitors to have this app on their phones and ask younger family members to support and teach their elderly relatives to use this.


When entering the building via the Check-In at the front door, scan the QR code and you will be prompted to read a message reminding you of your responsibilities and enter your details into the form. After doing this press the “Check-in” button.


When you leave the room or the building simply press “Check-out”.


At any time during your visit be prepared to open the app to show staff that you have checked in as required.


Instructions will be clearly displayed near the entry checkpoints.


• Visitors must enter and “check in” via the Main Entrance of the main building or the front door of Puriri Home. There is to be no entry via external doorways or back entrances.


• Visitors will move directly to, and “check-in” to the resident’s room. 


• Visitors are not to linger, or visit in common areas.


• Visitors are not to visit or mix with other residents.


• Visitors must maintain 1 metre distance from the person visited.


• Communication with Knox care and administration staff is not to be face-to- face. Family members must continue to use telephone, or email for questions or discussions about care. 


• Visitors must “check out” of the room after 30 minutes and leave the building through the Main Entrance checking out as they go. 


Distance Visiting from Outside the Building


• It is essential that this is at a distance of at least 2 metres and occurs in places where this distance can be maintained.


• Visits are to be limited to 15 minutes.


Places for Distance Visiting:

• Puriri residents: Deck of Puriri Home with family on the external footpath

• Nikau residents: Deck of Nikau Home with family on the external footpath

• Totara, Rimu, Puka, Kowhai residents: Front window of the Main Lounge. Visitors on the footpath

• Weka and Tawa residents: Front window of Weka Home or the courtyard with visitors in the carpark.

Thank you for your assistance.

Jill Woodward

Chief Executive Officer

Good care for the good life


You may not know, but the health and wellbeing of Knox residents is continuously analysed to monitor key elements of their care and lives in our community. It is worth noting that more than 70% of Knox residents require hospital-level care.


Every quarter we produce a report based on InterRai Assessments and QPS Benchmarking. The statistics reflect some meaningful trends that we have been consistently seeing in the reports.


A summary of the January - March 2020 report from 80 assessments shows that Knox residents:


• Have higher need for care and assistance than the national average: 55% Knox residents are “extensively dependent (or greater)” vs 44% nationally.

• Display less aggressive behaviour: 74% Knox residents had “no instances” vs 63% nationally.

• Have greater health stability: 78% experience no symptoms or have minimal health instability vs 68% nationally.

• Are less depressed: 75% score 0 or 1 on the 12-point Depression scale vs 62% nationally.

• Experience less pain: 95% report “no pain” or “less than daily” pain vs 88% nationally.


Furthermore, our tracking shows that Knox residents have:


• Fewer falls with injury: Knox ranked 2nd out of 195 in Australasia. Have been consistently below the NZ and Australasian mean for the past 5 years and have remained below 2% since 2016.

• Fewer pressure injuries: Below the NZ and Australasian benchmark for nearly 3 years.

• Fewer wound and skin infections: Well below the Australasian benchmark for over 2 years.

• Less unplanned weight loss: Knox ranked 2nd out of 156 for the most recent quarter.


So, what does this mean? Even though Knox Residents have higher care needs, they experience greater health stability, are happier, experience less pain and display less frustration arising from unmet needs.


We acknowledge that not everyone’s experience will be reflected in these statistics, but by making these assessments we have a process of continually monitoring the health and wellbeing of the Knox community so that we can continually improve our performance and ultimately, the lives of residents.

Police pay resident birthday visit


Resident May Mackey turned 100 this week. Inspector Scott Webb (also President of the Auckland Police Pipe Band) brought the party with them to celebrate with May.


Click here to watch the video.


In 2018, May was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal for services to prisoners' support throughout her life. May Mackey worked as matron of a number of hostels supporting and providing guidance to young Māori men and women coming to Auckland to seek employment or to learn trades. She established the United Māori Mission Choir, made up of past and present hostel men and women. Later, she became a prison visitor in the Department of Corrections Kaiwhakamana kaumatua volunteer programme.


And now another extraordinary achievement at her 100th birthday. Congratulations May!


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