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Knox Home is a community of supportive people living and working as a whole. Staff, Trust Board members, volunteers, families, friends and of course our residents join together to make Knox the best place Eden Alternative home it can be.


Our ten Eden Alternative principles guide us to transform care for elders and younger people with physical disability. At Knox, plants, animals, children and meaningful activity are part of our daily life. Greater energy and optimism is our hallmark.


We are looking for exceptional people with curiosity, a warm heart and an innovative spirit. Like our residents who take every opportunity for continued growth and wellbeing, we expect our team to demonstrate a willingness to grow and learn every day. Why not join us to add more to your life?

"...all I see are beautiful people everywhere. There is such a feeling of warmth, welcome and peace. My mother feels safe; she understands she is not a forgotten soul..."

Resident's daughter




Return to Nursing Competency Assessment Programme CAP


15 April

15 August

14 October


Mary Ann



“Working at Knox has changed my impression about working in an aged care facility. I’ve realized that being in a nursing home doesn’t mean you are only dealing with the old, frail and dying people.  In fact, as a RN at Knox, we are not solely attending to the medical and nursing needs of our residents - we also have the opportunity to be an advocate for them. We can be a friend and also act as a pair of listening ears too. The team at Knox provides me the support and opportunities towards my personal and professional development. We share and learn from our valuable experiences. As a team, we continuously strive to be a part of making a difference by providing person-centred approach for our residents, as well as a home where there is love, hope and happiness.”




“What makes me happy as a Life Enhancer is my contribution to the team and working with the Care Partners to make a difference for the residents’ lives. I like to support the Care Partners to overcome challenges and we have a great environment where we share responsibilities.

We spend time watching the residents and finding out what they want and need. Many residents like company – they do not like being alone so we help to bring them together and make sure we respond to their needs without delay. By being together and talking we do whatever the residents are interested in. Some join in the organised programme but others just want to be together. One resident loves to play chess so we ask the volunteers to be available to play chess with him if that is what he wants.

We always make family feel very welcome here. I tell them my story and they tell me their story and we become friends. We chat with each other and about each other and we joke and laugh together. They trust us and we trust them.

We are all friends - the Care Partners, the Homemakers, the RNs and Clinical Mentors. Communication flows quickly between us. We let each other know what is happening. When the team is happy it is easier to have a happy environment.”




“We spend time watching and listening then we know what is wanted and needed by residents. We are mindful of what our residents need on a daily basis. We try to be their eyes, ears, feet, and hands. They are our family. We have close and loving contact. It is our home together. It is not an institution. It is not about rules and regulations it is compassion. That is what gives me satisfaction.

We all work as a team. We feed information quickly to each other. We stop, watch and report what we see and then we work with the RN to know what action we should take. It may be about their health or their food or how they are feeling. When we find out what works the RN changes the care plan. One resident came from the hospital on a pureed diet but by carefully observing and reporting to the RN she was able to have other food and she is now able to enjoy a normal and varied diet.

We love seeing the residents improve and be happy. That makes us happy. We go the extra mile. We know the residents very well because we are with the same small group each day so we know about their day and what they need. Especially those who cannot speak. We learn about them by being very observant and being creative so that we can care for their individual needs. We respect our residents. It is the little things that we do that are important - the unnoticed things that are not for public display. It is a very small thing like bringing in a pencil sharpener for her make-up pencils so she can do her make-up because that is so important for her. It is not about us but about them.

I receive care as well as give care and so often when I go home I feel very happy that we have had such a lovely day together."




“I love being a Homemaker. I am able to build great friendships with our residents and my colleagues and we have a great family atmosphere where everyone can have a laugh and also be supportive. Being a Homemaker is so much more than being a cleaner. I go far beyond that. I help the Care Partners prepare food with the residents, walk with them to the physio gym, help them with their personal laundry and much more. I know the residents and family members very well because I am with them every day.

From day one I felt part of the team because we had all done Eden Alternative training and orientation together. I love my job. It gets better and better and it makes a big difference that the team and residents are like my family. What makes my job most fulfilling is just being there for my residents as a friend when they need someone to talk to.”


The Knox team commits to supporting new team members to transition to this new place.


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