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Welcome home

Living at Knox is all about the opportunity to continue living with purpose.

The Knox community is dedicated to providing a home where residents have opportunities to engage in activities with meaning; where they can maintain links with the community and enhance their wellbeing and independence.


The Eden Alternative encourages an environment in which the
unexpected and unpredictable can take place. There is something different happening at Knox every day and there is always the opportunity to try new things that other residents enjoy and find meaningful.

We actively encourage involvement of family and friends and strive to provide the best support and care we can.

Our open plan resident lounges / kitchen-dining rooms throughout Knox are homely spaces for residents to enjoy living.

Knox ‘Street’ includes a shop with a small range of products available. There’s also a hairdressing salon, volunteer hub and Olive Café for the perfect place to catch up with friends and family.

Knox Home sits on an expansive site of landscaped gardens in Epsom. We are close to both Manukau Road and Newmarket shops, restaurants and amenities.



Elizabeth Knox Home & Hospital’s Cultivate programme develops links and relationships with a wide range of community groups and organisations so that Knox residents can be meaningfully involved in the world they live.

We are privileged to work in a place residents choose as their home.

Residents do not choose to live in our workplace.

Having purpose is essential to human health


There is something different happening at Knox every day and there is always the opportunity to do things our residents find meaningful.


We make every effort to assist residents to pursue any past time or activity they want to. This can be inside Knox Home or outside in the community. There are always Knox events like dances, competitions, theme days and celebrations around major calendar events. Outings are continually arranged to a wide range of destinations.

Enticing, tasty and nutritious meals


Working with the residents own Food for Thought group, our chef and catering team takes great pride in the delicious meals they prepare for resident’s diverse dietary needs.

Even though all meals are catered for, residents have full use of their household’s kitchen to prepare drinks, snacks or complete meals if they choose. Residents socialise around the dining table or barbeque as a group or invite their own families or friends in to share.


Gardens for many residents have always been part of their lives, so they should continue to be at Knox. We have invested in inviting and accessible gardens for residents to enjoy looking at and working or socialising in. They are not show places, but natural retreats for everyone to relax in or to grow wonderful plants and produce.



Animals are important members of the community contributing to companionship and a sense of home. Knox is home to cats, dogs, chickens and birds and our hairdresser often brings along a selection of her farm animals. Residents are encouraged to consider bringing their pets to Knox. We mutually agree suitability and an appropriate plan for their care and support.


An Eden Alternative home also commits to creating an environment where life revolves around continuing contact with children and people of all ages, contributing to variety, spontaneity and curiosity. Visiting children from families, friends, schools and community groups significantly enhance Knox life through intergenerational activities. We maintain strong relationships with neighbouring schools with many older students becoming part of our volunteer team.

Leisure and lifestyle


We have an active Leisure and Lifestyle Team promoting a wide range of activities designed to meet individual needs and enhance wellbeing. A weekly activity diary is developed in conjunction with residents and we encourage all residents to participate in social events and opportunities.

Our dedicated Cultivate Programme helps residents develop meaningful engagement with their community.


The Knox team commits to supporting new resident’s transition to this new place.

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Together we commit to growing a human habitat.

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