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Meet our CEO

Since 1998 Jill has held a variety of management roles across the health environment including surgical services management, CEO of Waipuna Hospice and since 2008, has been CEO of Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital.


Her qualifications include a Master of Arts (Applied) in Nursing and Midwifery, Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) and RGON. In 2009 she completed Eden Alternative training in Australia. Jill is an Eden Alternative Associate and trainer with a nursing background.


In May 2014, she received recognition for her outstanding leadership when she was the recipient of the Nancy Fox Leadership Award at the Eden Alternative International Conference in Nashville, USA.


Jill has significant experience in building and redevelopment projects within the health sector and since 2009, this has been a large part of her role at Knox.


She is an energetic advocate for culture change and the decision of the Knox community to embark on the Eden journey in 2009. This has been followed by a number of opportunities for Jill to engage with the local health community to encourage other care homes to explore the Eden Alternative.


Jill Woodward

MA, BA (Soc Sci), RGON

"I see the Eden Alternative principles as providing an easily understood pathway and challenge to the status quo. It's where leadership emerges in all parts of our care community and through that leadership, real and sustainable culture change can and does occur."

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