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Application Process & Fees

Getting started

Application to move into care begins with a Needs Assessment. This will inform you what level of care is recommended and whether you meet financial eligibility criteria to qualify for the Residential Care Subsidy. This assessment is carried out by an independent assessor normally arranged by your GP while you live in the community.

Paying for your care

You will be means-tested by the Needs Assessor to see how much you are able to pay toward the cost of care. The publically-funded Residential Care Subsidy is available to those eligible, to make up shortfalls.

To be eligible for Government funding, your entry to permanent residential care must be through your District Health Board (DHB). It is possible to enter residential care without involving the DHB, but you will be liable for the total cost of your care.

Fees for all levels of care are capped at maximum contribution rates for both subsidised and privately paying residents, excluding any Premium Room Fees you may agree to pay. Payment of maximum contribution covers Contracted Care Services which are detailed in the contract between the Knox Home and the DHB.

It is worth noting that care homes are not permitted to provide any information or advice to you regarding your eligibility or subsidies available to you. As these subjects are outside care homes’ jurisdiction, you should direct any enquiries to your Needs Assessor and Work and Income.

Private Paying Residents

Those who do not meet the asset threshold for Residential Care Subsidy will be required to pay their own fees which are limited to the maximum contribution for contracted care services. This applies to all levels of residential care.

If you do not financially qualify for a Residential Care Subsidy because you own a property and other assets, you may apply for a Residential Care Loan to assist with the cost of your care.

Knox Home is not able to extend credit.

Premium Room Fees

Premium Room Fees apply in Knox Home rooms which are staffed and resourced for Hospital Level Care. This level of care attracts a significantly higher rate than Rest Home Care rates.

Standard publically-funded residential care rooms are by definition approximately 10m2 in area with shared bathroom facilities. Additional features of a permanent or fixed nature such as ensuites, larger room areas and access to decks and gardens, for example, will attract Premium Room Fees to reflect the increased costs in providing them and that the Care Home must fund ALL capital improvements.

There is no Government funding available for Premium Room Fees or additional services. Even if you are receiving the Residential Care Subsidy, you may still be required to pay Premium Room Fees for such additions if you choose them.

Knox Home Premium Room Fees are between $40 and $81 per day (GST inclusive). Our Care Administrator can confirm any potential additional fees.

Residential Care Subsidy

Independent information on the Residential Care Subsidy, including eligibility and how to apply is available on the Seniorline website.


Suggested Application Process


  1. Ask your GP for a Needs Assessment referral. A Needs Assessment by NASC (interRAI) confirms your needs for your future care.

  2. The assessment will ascertain the most suitable level of residential care required by you. In Knox Home’s case, Rest Home or Hospital Care.

  3. You can discuss options and plans with the Needs Assessor and your family or support person.

  4. In researching residential care options available, you are welcome to contact our Care Administrator to visit Knox Home with family or a support person to see what we offer or ask any questions you have – completely without obligation.

  5. Establish your preferred residential care option including whether or not there are any Premium Room features applicable.

  6. If Knox Home is your choice, our Care Administrator will provide you with a copy of the Admission Agreement for you to read, as well as answering any queries you have about Knox.

  7. Fill in and sign Admission Agreement.

  8. Apply for a Residential Care Subsidy or Loan if appropriate, or pay privately. Knox Home fees are charged one month in advance for the initial payment and fortnightly thereafter.

Our Care Administrator will assist you to make the process as easy as possible. Contact Megan by email.

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