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School Safety:  School is a safe space

The global pandemic is only the latest in a series of challenges facing our school system today. It wasn’t all that long ago when our thoughts we’re focused on school violence, bullying and inclusivity, to name a few. We need to continue our efforts to ensure BHM schools continue to be a place where students and teachers come together to learn, where “School is a Safe Space”

Student Equity:  The Place to Dream, Believe and Achieve

A Place to Dream, Believe and Achieve are BHM values that are grounded in equity. Equity means that as a leaders, faculty, administration and community members, it is imperative that we create and sustain an environment where each individual can be successful without regard to socio-economic status, race, gender, identity. A school system succeeds when all the participants are on the footing they need to be successful. My commitment is to embrace student equity and advocate for all of our children.

Funding transparency & evidence based decisioning:  “Nothing like the facts to screw up a good argument”

I’ve spent my professional life as the person who puts the math on the paper. Using data and insights to inform our decisions and sharing the facts with the transparency required is a priority. The board is charged with being the stewards of the taxpayer’s treasure, our community and faculty’s time, and we need continuous discipline to ensure we are turning this investment into our future, for our children, and our children’s children

Preparing our Children for the Future

There is no question that technology innovations have had a dramatic impact on our society.

You need look no further than how Amazon has changed how we think of retail, how Uber and Lyft have radically changed the taxi business, or how Social Media as influenced how we build communities and, in some cases, destroy them. Well, welcome to the 4th industrial revolution, we’re in only the beginning of the journey.

To many, technology change is something that just happens to us, a passive participant. But to me, it is an opportunity to turn what was passive into active decisions. I’ve spent 20+ years in the high-tech space, adding my voice to the board will bring that expertise and help our community become an active participant.

How will technology continue to influence education? What steps should we be taking now? How should the Internet of Things (IoT) fit into the classroom? How are our we investing in our educators to develop expertise? How can we build the connections in the education setting and enhance our community at the same time?

There are material implications to the topic we’re discussing. Take for example, there are ~16 Fortune 100 companies based in the greater metro area. Every one of those firms has open job requisitions seeking talent interested in a career in data and analytics. Great paying jobs! And yet, those companies struggle to find talent.

Here are some interesting facts;

  • Jobs requiring machine learning skills are paying an average of $114,000. Advertised data scientist jobs pay an average of $105,000 and advertised data engineering jobs pay an average of $117,000. These are entry level positions.

  • By 2020, the number of jobs for all US data professionals will increase by 364,000 openings to 2,720,000.

It is a staggering set of statistic, yet are we even aware of the existential need? Are we preparing our children to tap into this opportunity?

I am committed to finding out why, how and what we can do to prepare our children for these new opportunities. Engaging with our educators and asking the questions that will lead us to a shared understanding of what needs to evolve with our curriculum in order to best prepare our children for the future.


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