Visitor Booking System

Thank you for your support of our efforts to keep residents well

If visiting from overseas please email to ensure your visits are arranged ahead of time.

If you are unable to manage the web-based self-appointment process you can either email or phone 09 523 3119.

To book a visit to see a resident


• Residents are able to have scheduled visits by up to two people per day.

• Visits can last for up to one hour and will take place in the resident’s room.

• Medical grade masks are to be worn.

• Unvaccinated visitors can now visit with some restrictions, see below.

How it works


• Each resident can have one visit per day and two visitors can visit during this time.

• Please keep visits to under an hour.

• Visits will take place in the resident’s room.

• Do not make visits to other resident’s rooms or communal spaces.


Before the visit


• Make your booking at least 24 hours in advance through the booking system and these can be made one week in advance.

• Do a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) test at home on the day of the visit.


Times available


•  The first appointment of the morning 10am and last 11 am. Visiting ends at 12 midday. 

•  The first appointment of the afternoon at 2pm and last 5pm. Visiting ends at 6pm

•  The 2pm start reflects a two-hour period midday for lunch and resident’s rest time.


On the day of the visit


• If you are feeling unwell or have been exposed to anyone who may be unwell, please cancel the visit.

• Bring a medical grade mask and a photo of your RAT test result on your phone. Please note, cloth masks are no longer acceptable.


On arriving at the facility


• Visitors to Puriri Home may present directly at Puriri Home for check.

• All other visitors to Knox, please go to Reception in the main building first.

• You will be required to have your temperature taken and show your RAT test result.


During the visit


• Please keep your mask on at all times.

• Visit times are allocated for a maximum of one hour to allow for signing in and out, and screening.

• Please go straight to the resident’s room. Do not stop and talk to other residents or go into their rooms or communal spaces.

• Please keep windows open to assist air flow during your visit.

• Refreshments are not to be shared as masks must remain on.

Unvaccinated visitors can visit with the following restrictions


• You must do a RAT test at the door supervised by Knox staff.

• Visits are outdoors whenever possible.



Visitor’s checklist


• A photo of your RAT test taken the morning of your visit.

• A medical grade mask to be worn during the visit.

• Social distancing of at least one meter apart is required.

• Children under 12 years can visit if fully vaccinated. They must be supervised with one fully vaccinated person and wear a mask.

• Please cancel your visit if you are feeling unwell or have any cold or flu-like symptoms.

• Visitors who are unvaccinated can visit outdoors if they have a Knox staff supervised negative RAT test.

Unvaccinated visitors must phone Reception before they visit.

• Book your visit time via the web portal.


Thank you for your cooperation.