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Set your New Zealand nursing career on track

Competency Assessment Programme (CAP)


Epsom, Auckland




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Complete a CAP course with Elizabeth Knox and obtain a current Practising Certificate to work as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand.


Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital is an Eden Alternative home transforming care for elders and younger people with physical disability. We are a certified provider of the Competency Assessment Programme (CAP).


We understand that life gets busy. You may have taken a break for family or diverted into another work path for a while. 


If you were a Registered Nurse with lapsed registration we’d like to help you return to a nursing role and regain your Practising Certificate.

If you are an internationally qualified nurse seeking to practice nursing in New Zealand, our Competency Assessment Programme will assist you transition to nursing practice in the New Zealand context.


Our caring team will provide all the support you need. You’ll be well-resourced, mentored and encouraged to grow your skills.

Competency Assessment Programme (CAP):

Completion of a CAP course by a Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) certified provider such as Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital is required for an Internationally Qualified Nurse (IQN), or a New Zealand qualified nurse who has been out of practise for five years or more, to attain a NCNZ Practising Certificate.

Knox offers an intensive seven-week programme that will not only assess your competence against the Nursing Council of New Zealand competencies for the Registered Nurse scope of practice but also support your transition to nursing practice in New Zealand.

At the conclusion of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to practice nursing in a professional and safe manner as defined in the NCNZ competencies.

  • Discuss how nursing practice is influenced by the socio-political and cultural environment that impacts on health status and health outcomes in New Zealand.

  • Evaluate and work within nursing models that underpin the provision of healthcare in New Zealand.

  • Demonstrate understanding of contemporary clinical practices in nursing care in New Zealand.

  • Critically reflect on your own nursing practice and that of others.

  • Identify ongoing practice and professional development requirements for nurses in New Zealand and opportunities for advancing nursing practice.

  • Discuss the importance of the Treaty of Waitangi and gain an understanding of Te Ao Maori and Tikanga Maori.


What does Knox’s CAP course involve?

Two weeks Theoretical and Simulated Practice Component:

These two weeks will be held at our Epsom, Auckland Education Centre Monday to Friday and will cover topics relevant to nursing practice in New Zealand over six modules:

  • Module 1: New Zealand Society and Contemporary Nursing Practice

  • Module 2: Cultural Safety and the Treaty of Waitangi

  • Module 3: Inter-Professional Healthcare and Quality Improvement

  • Module 4: Management of Nursing Care

  • Module 5: Professional Judgement, Patient-Centered Care, Health and Disability Service Standard

  • Module 6: Management of the Environment


At the end of the two weeks, a core skills and review will be conducted.

Five weeks Clinical Placement:

These five weeks will involve clinical placement at Elizabeth Knox Home & Hospital and its affiliate clinical placement providers, tutorials, and self-directed learning to gain practical skills required for competent nursing practice in a New Zealand healthcare environment with an emphasis on people living within a residential care facility who have complex care requirements.

Course Start Dates 2023 & 2024:

  1. 30 January – Closed for admission

  2. 15 April – Closed for admission

  3. 15 August – Open for admission

  4. 14 October – Open for admission


Course Fees:

Domestic Student: NZ$11,000+NZ$250 Administration Fee
International Student: NZ$11,000+NZ$250 Administration Fee


Te Whatu Ora Funding for New Zealand Qualified Nurses:
Te Whatu Ora Funding for Internationally Qualified Nurses:


Entry Requirements:

  • An international (or lapsed New Zealand) approved nursing registration.

  • A letter from the Nursing Council of New Zealand approving the applicant’s overseas nursing qualification, English language proficiency, and approving the applicant to study a CAP course to gain New Zealand nursing qualification.

  • Evidence of a Student Visa or other proof of right to study in New Zealand.

  • A certified photocopy of the applicant’s Passport

  • Evidence of the applicant meeting the English language requirements to work in a clinical environment (OET or IELTS).

  • Evidence of adequate vaccination status to work in a clinical environment.

  • Applicants will be required to fill in a New Zealand Police Consent to Disclosure of Information form for the purpose of Police vetting.

  • Knox will also require an international criminal record check from the country the applicant hold a nursing qualification in.

  • The programme includes written assessments that require writing in English at an academic level. Good writing skill in the English language is essential for success in this programme.


If you are interested in joining Knox’s CAP programme, please complete the CAP Application Form and return by email to

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