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Care Studios are now available in our newly opened Puriri Home. Each Care Studio resident has the support of a focused health care team. As hospital-level care rooms, they are equipped to a high level with industry-leading care equipment, all of which provide the assistance for you to live your life as comfortably and independently as possible.



The core concept of the Eden Alternative is simple: Care environments are habitats for human beings that should promote health, wellbeing and growth rather than facilities where the frail and elderly stagnate and decline. It is the guiding philosophy at the centre of everything we do.

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What are Elizabeth Knox
Care Studios?

A home where focused, supportive health care, comfortable surroundings and new opportunities may be the answer when medical events, illness or age-related debilities are challenging your current living plans.

If you’re health has left you feeling vulnerable, there’s an opportunity to secure your own Care Studio in Elizabeth Knox Home & Hospital’s innovative Puriri Home. Care Studio residents benefit from 24-hour hospital-level care from Registered Nurses and Care Partners.

Not only will our nursing team take the best care of you to improve your wellbeing, you will benefit from the Eden Alternative philosophies that guide Knox. Residents make the most of every day with opportunities for better health, new friendships, continued growth and meaningful experiences.

Residents who have chosen Knox as their home have almost, always been surprised at how much new opportunity they have found to live an even fuller life.

Residents have continuing access to hospital-level care without leaving their Care Studio. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services are also available to residents to maintain higher levels of wellbeing. Whatever you need – from medical care to helping you organise your favourite activity and everything in between, we’re right here for you.

For more information about life at Elizabeth Knox

What are Care Studios

For all enquiries, please contact:

Megan Bell


09 523 3119

Elizabeth Knox Home and Hospital
10 Ranfurly Rd, Epsom, Auckland 1023
PO Box 74060, Greenlane, Auckland 1546

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